Cost-Benefit Analysis

Professional Rental Home Management


Cost of Services:

• $150 per month tax deductible management fee

Benefits - Services Included:

• Assisting owners in establishing rents and security deposit requirements;

• Advertising for tenants;

• Assisting owners in establishing minimum acceptable FICO scores and income to rent ratios;

• Performing background checks on applicants including the verification of income, identity, credit and eviction history, employment, and checking with two previous landlords;

• Establishing and maintaining move-in/move-out documentation;

• Collecting rents timely and making distributions to the owners timely;

• Paying all operating expenses timely in order to avoid late fees;

• Maintaining the property in a good, habitable condition;

• Responding to tenant maintenance requests timely and courteously;

• Enforcing the terms of leases as required;

• Assisting the owner's attorney if an eviction is ever required including testifying in court;

• Assisting the owner in the selection of qualified vendors and contractors;

• Monitoring and constantly evaluating the performance and billings of all vendors and contractors in order to assure the lowest prices consistent with quality work, performed timely;

• Following all fair housing and other laws and requirements;

• Obtaining bids and negotiating contracts;

• Making periodic inspections as agreed to in the management agreement;

• Providing monthly financial reports that are comprehensive, timely and accurate;

• Providing an emergency service contact so tenants can reach us 24/7/365;

• Recruiting, training, motivating, and supervising on-site managers and other staff in fair housing and other laws and requirements;

• Performing preventive maintenance so as to minimize long term operating expenses while maximizing the value of your investment property;

• Keeping our clients informed of ever-changing, significant laws that effect property operations and values;

• Providing our clients with the comfort and confidence of knowing their valuable assets are in good, responsible hands; and



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