Pre-Listing Home Inspections

Pre-listing home inspections are becoming more common because they provide sellers of homes valuable information. However, such inspections have both advantages and disadvantages.

Some of the advantages to obtaining a pre-listing inspection are:

  1. You learn more about the condition of the house from a neutral, experienced inspector;
  2. You can more accurately price your property;
  3. You can make repairs if you choose to do so;
  4. You can eliminate lender contingencies, and
  5. You minimize negotiations with potential buyers.

Some of the disadvantages to obtaining a pre-listing inspection are:

  1. You must pay the cost of the inspection;
  2. You do not eliminate the need for a buyer to obtain their our inspection; and
  3. Under California law, you will be required to make any disclosures of deficiencies and/or defects.


The decision should by made by the seller only after carefully considering the information above.