Minimum Qualifying Criteria - Rental Properties

The following criteria is applied equally to all persons. They are intended to be objective  criteria by which we make decisions to rent or not rent to prospective residents. We believe in equal opportunity.

Gross Household Income:

Must total a minimum of 2.5 times the initial monthly rent. Required Documentation for Each Adult Tenant:

• Driver's License

• Social Security Card

• Last three Pay Stubs or other proof of Income

If self-employed, we will need the prior year's federal income tax return (signed) and the last three months of personal and business bank statements.

Number of Occupants:

There must be no more than two residents in a studio, three residents in a one bedroom residence and no more than five residents in a two bedroom residence.


Are accepted only when the applicant is a full time student, a person with a reliable limited or fixed income, or a person who is legally disabled. Guarantors must be residents of Los Angeles or Ventura County.


A FICO Score of 650 is generally required without a guarantor or increased security deposit. No bankruptcies in the last three years unless a minimum of three positive accounts have been established since the bankruptcy with no late payments for at least six months.

Rental History:

We must be able to verify your rental history with the landlord prior to the existing landlord. No evictions and not more than one late payment in the last ten months of the lease.

Rental deposit:

Generally equal to two months of rent with a FICO Score of 650 or more.

Application Fee:

A non-refundable application fee is required for each adult 18 or older. All residents 18 years and older must submit an application and sign any lease.