Compare Realtor or Fore Sale By Owner

Full - Service RealtorFor Sale by Owner
Listing agent uses the Multiple Listing Service exposing the property.No MLS. Limited advertising.
Seller pays a commission.Both the buyer and seller want to save the same commission.
Realtor objectively prequalifies prospects to make certain they are financially capable of performing.The seller must prequalify any prospective purchaser.
Realtor and associates are available 24/7/365 to show the property and close the transaction.The seller must be available to show the property to strangers, negotiate the price and terms of sale, and the get the sale closed.
Realtors are generally aware of neighborhood and market sales activity and trends.Owners are not likely to have access to current market data.
Realtors are trained to minimize the risks associated with showing a property to a stranger.The seller accepts all security risks.
Realtors are objective in dealing with real estate transactions which is often necessary to consummate a transaction.Most owners find it difficult or impossible to be objective. This can work to the disadvantage of the seller.
Realtors are knowledgeable about costs, escrow prorations, and industry standards.Most owners have little knowledge of industry standards, customs, practices and costs.
Realtors have access to a real estate attorney when questions arise about legal matters.Owners rarely have a real estate attorney on retainer.
Realtors often receive referrals from other agents in other cities through various national referral networks.Owners don't have access to national agent referral networks.
Realtors generally receive training on how to handle multiple offers so as to avoid legal problems.Most owners do not have experience in dealing with multiple offers.
Realtors generally know which lenders are most likely to approve the buyer's loan application.Most owners do not follow the mortgage market and don't know which lenders are the most and least competitive.
Realtors are trained to know what types of written legal disclosures are required to be provided to buyers.Most owners don't know the most recent legal requirements for written disclosures.
Most buyers have confidence that a Realtor will treat them fairly and will honor the National Association Realtor Code of Ethics.Most inexperienced buyers are fearful of dealing directly with an owner because they are concerned about the owner being more knowledgeable and taking unfair advantage of them.
Peace of mind.Seller has total responsibility.

Five Costly Mistakes FSBO Sellers Make


  • Failing to make written disclosures required by law;
  • Over-improving the property based upon the neighborhood;
  • Hiring a real estate agent based upon friendship instead of solid business factors;
  • Overpricing the property; and
  • Getting emotionally involved in the sale of the property.